Patent Integrated Solar Street Light Bosun QBD-CW Series

Elegant and patent design all in one solar street light. Integrating high-efficiency solar panels, 8-year ultra-long life LiFePo4 battery, high-light efficiency LED and intelligent controller Pro-Double MPPT, anti-theft mounting bracket, etc...

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High-end elegant design QBD-CW Series All in One Solar Street Light

Elegant patent die-casting aluminum designAll batteries are repeatedly tested and have a long service life.Available in both curved and straight pole installations: clamp and bracket installation methods.QBD-CW series are using optical lens, the light transparent is over 96% and the beam angle is 70*150°. While other suppliers are using reflectors, the light transparent is only about 85% and the beam angle is narrow.So the illuminated area of our QBD-CW series are much wider than others and the brightness are much better.

Bosun's all in one solar street light QBD-CW series are made of Bosun patent solar controller, which is developed by Bosun's own R&D team and has been upgraded for 3 times. The efficiency of Bosun patent controller is almost 50% higher than other normal controller like PWM.

BOSUN adopts the patented linear dimming mode to achieve humanized management of ground illumination, which can better avoid the occurrence of safety hazards compared to other dimming modes.

With Lithium battery / LiFePo4 battery's high temperature resistance, controller's temperature compensated function and BMS' temperature protection system, QBD-CW series are able to work under all extreme climate conditions.

Add a MOTION SENSOR, the light is 100% on when there is acar passing by, work in dimming mode when there is no car passing by.

Plug & Play Solution replaces switches, which makes installation much easier and is more durable than switches.

QBD CW Series Introduction

Cambodia villa project feedback, 20pcs of QBD-CW-120W surrounding the villa

Light transmittance>96%, the direction can be changed, beam angel meet the standard of road lighting resulting in light remaining much to reach on the ground and wide light distributionCharging efficiency more than 12% Pro-double MPPT controller absorbs the sun quickly on multiple rainy days, faster charging.QBD-CW Series integrated solar street light, with high-efficiency solar panels, ultra-long-life lithium batteries, high-light-efficiency imported leds, and smart controller Pro-Double MPPT. Simple and high-end design, with light weight and easy for installation, high level waterproof, anti-rust and energy saving

Automatic Time Control Mode

Autonomy Days Backup     

Pakistan provincial project feedback, 250pcs of QBD-CW-120W

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Pakistan provincial project feedback, 250pcs of QBD-CW-120W;

Cambodia villa project feedback, 20pcs of QBD-CW-120W surrounding the villa

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