High Brightness Integrated Sweeping All in One Solar Street Light with Auto-cleaning Function BS-AIO-TL Series

Application: Desert Area, Sandstorm Area,Rural Road, City roads, Country roads, Municipal roads, Highways, Parks, F arms, Villages, Courtyard, etc.

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BS-AIO-TL Series: Integrated Solar Street Light with Innovative Auto-cleaning Function

Philips optical beads with high quality, Lighting effect reaches 180lm/w. High brightness at night

BOSUN adopts the patented linear dimming mode to achieve humanized management of ground illumination, which can better avoid the occurrence of safety hazards compared to other dimming modes.

With Lithium battery / LiFePo4 battery's high temperature resistance, controller's temperature compensated function and BMS' temperature protection system,BS-ALO-TL series are able to work under all extreme climate conditions.

Add a MOTION SENSOR, the light is 100% on when there is acar passing by, work in dimming mode when there is no car passing by.

Good heat sink made lamps work longerGrade A Mono solar panel: Charging efficiency >21%, much better than Poly solar panel.Good heat sink made lamps work longerBS-AIO-TL series, Solar panels play a very important role in the entire charging process. If the solar panel of a street light has not been cleaned for a long time, a lot of dust or bird excrement is accumulated on it, which will greatly affect the charging efficiency of the solar panel. As a result, insufficient charging, low battery power, short lighting times, or very dim lighting. Therefore, our integrated street light with automatic cleaning function can well avoid the above problems.

Automatic Time Control Mode

Autonomy Days Backup     

Help You Win Government And Commercial Projects More Easily

Click to send an inquiryBrand new battery: 50000hours life span battery; 2200 times cycles.Keep using for a long time.Patent PRO-DOUBLE MPPT charge controller with our high technology,Charging efficiency is 45%-50% higher than normal PWM solar controllerPolycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel Charging efficiency >18%High quality monocrystalline Solar Panel Charging efficiency >21%

Environment under prolonged severe weather

Pro-Double MPPT solar controller. Charging efficiency is 45%-50% higher than normal PWM solar controller Programs can be customized to meet various needs of customersTraditional PWM solar controller, charging efficiency is low Fixed procedure, cannot be changed

Regular Start To Clean Dust

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